Need a Passport Card?-Here are Some Facts and Tips You Can Trust to Help You Out with the Need

First things first, we need to note the fact that the US passport card is actually one that can be applied for by all, whether you have a passport book and as such only wish to have a passport card that will be sizeable enough to fit inside your pockets or you have never had a passport book before. The US passport card is essentially similar in size to the US drivers license and will serve as a satisfactory evidence of one’s actual identity and as well proof of US citizenship. These documents of identification basically serve to be such a sure means for identifying especially children who happen to be too young for being identified using a driver’s license. The other point that sets the two kinds of documents for identification apart, the US passport card and the US passport book, is the fact that the US passport card cannot be used for any kind of international travel by air apart from the difference that they have in their physical size. For any international flight, you will need to produce a valid US passport book. Just as the passport books are, the US passport cards will be valid for a period of ten years from the date of issue, for the adults and for the kids whose ages are 15 years and below, these will be valid for 5 years. On top of this is the fact that you can actually make an application for these all at the same time or separately and whether you have a passport book with its number, you will still be able to make an application for the pass[port card and have it come with its own number. In this post we will have some of the tips that you need to have so as to get a US passport card, the steps and the requirements plus how to speed up the process to acquiring a US passport card.

Top question talking of US passport cards is that of who is eligible and or entitled to acquiring a US passport cards. Any US citizen stands eligible to acquire a US passport card. You as well need to mark the fact that your eligibility is not in any way affected by your status is in so far as acquisition of a passport book is given the fact that you stand eligible to acquiring a passport card with or without a passport book. The following is a guide for you for the application for a US passport card.

Step one-Assemble all the essential documents. Looking at the required documents, these will differ depending on whether or not you hold a valid passport book or not presently.

Then you will have to decide which way you will want your passport card processed-mail, passport agency or a passport expediting company.

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