With a globally gay sensibility and a lot of platfo

The case studies in this paper have offered examples of the ways the existential threat of HIV, the biomedical tools of antiretroviral treatment, the biopolitical techniques of self-management and resonsibilisation, and the human rights discourses of treatment access and gender justice, have opened up a space to challenge all those involved to think and do gender differently.

It describes findings from research projects on interventions working with men and boys in South Africa on issues of HIV, public health and gender. And they reflected on, and resisted, the more costly facets of local hegemonic masculinity, embracing those parts that better supported their health and their relationships.

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  • Speed it up and slow it down so that its characteristic movements can be recognized at a glance.
  • The second, as also suggested by Tsui , is that it implies a selective technological determinism linking the development of the Chinese Internet to democratization.
  • These a s of ou di g the pote tiall u ou ded, Ma us suggests, might be understood as practices of construction through preplanned or opportunistic movement and of tracing within different settings of a complex cultural phenomenon given an initial, baseline conceptual identity that turns out to be contingent and malleable as one traces it. We will do our part to spread the lessons and insights captured here across the organization.
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Kalichman S. Viitanen A. Participants were encouraged to raise their awareness and critical understandding of gender-related rights issues and mobilize for progressive gender change.

With a globally gay sensibility and a lot of platfo
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